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Which Drawing Tablet To Buy (2014)


Which Drawing Tablet To Buy in 2014 Shop for Tablets: Digital Artist, Aaron Rutten shows you a comprehensive list of drawing tablets for beginners and professionals. Aaron compares the various models, describes the features and gives you first-hand advice from his experience as a professional artist and graphic designer to help you make the right choice. Go to: so you can follow along with the video. — RELATED VIDEOS — REVIEW of Intuos Pen & Touch: REVIEW of Intuos Pro: – SUBSCRIBE to this channel and you will be the first to see Aaron’s newest videos released daily. – LIKE, SHARE & FAVORITE this video, so that it will be easier for other artists to find this information. (Share on twitter, youtube, pinterest, facebook, ) – COMMENT and suggest a topic that you’d like help with. – CONTRIBUTE to help Aaron make more tutorials available on YouTube. Donate or buy a print of Aaron’s art:

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