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Dear friend if you want more information through this link: PI3D TAB Specifications PI3DTAB : Model PI3DTAB-GEN1 • Screen Size inches • 5 Point Touch Screen with Naked Eye 3D • Screen Resolution 1280 × 800 • Max 1920×1080 HDMI output • Average Battery Life 4 hours (3D mode) up to 8 hours (2D mode) • Operating System Android (JellyBean) • 1GB RAM — 8G starting memory extendable with Micro SD 32GB • Dual Camera (Front: , Rear: Mega) • Item Weight lbs. • DIMENSION : L ( Inches) x W ( Inches) x H ( Inches) The pre-order page for the exclusive limited edition of the first 999 PI3DTABs. The devices will be delivered around July 15 and they will be numbered with a certificate added. Additionally you will receive a matching case with a keyboard, a 32GB card for extra memory and a $50 coupon for the next generation PI3DTAB in 2015, in total a US$499 value for US$399. What is the best tablet to buy The advancement of technology and the competition between the manufactures has ensured that there are many tablet models available at low cost to consumers. In recent years, the market for tablet computers has come What is the best tablet to buy a long way and you might be able to find all the brands that offer cheaper alternatives to their products. Customers prefer to have the best products at affordable prices and you might be surprised to know the amount of money that might be able to save when you compare and choose the tablet that you want to buy. Most of us tend to have a misconception that cheap,What is the best tablet to buy poor quality products, but the fact is that you may be able to get good quality products at reasonable prices. Top tips for buying low-cost tablet What is the best tablet to buy • When you choose to buy the tablets at low cost, it is necessary to determine its use. Are you going to What is the best tablet to buy use for personal or professional purposes? The characteristics that could vary depending on the choice of is the best tablet to buy The cost can vary depending on the desired characteristics. If you opt for the basic functions of the cost can be low. However, if you opt for the high-end features the cost can vary is the best tablet to buy • The operating system chosen is also important and you should make the choice based on the work What is the best tablet to buy you want to do. Android, iOS and Windows operating systems are more widespread and can be found in various tablets depending on the What is the best tablet to buy brand you choose. You need to understand that each of these operating systems have their own characteristics and it is preferable to make the choice according to individual is the best tablet to buy.

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