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Verizon SGS3 Jelly Bean Leak, Android 4.2 App Dump, CM10 Adds...


In case you missed any exciting Android news from XDA-Developers.com, your friend Jordan is here to help you get caught up. Jordan mentions the Jelly Bean leak that has been rooted and deodexed for the Verizon variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Jordan talks about the other video released this week on XDA Developer TV by XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviewing Holoweb Browser. In Android 4.2 news Jordan mentions the core and Google apps from Android 4.2 being available for any Jelly Bean device. In CyanogenMod 10 news Jordan mentions the unofficial release for the Samsung Galaxy GT-I5510. Finally, Jordan talks about the file manager added to CyanogenMod Nightlies. Pull up a chair and check out this video. XDA Portal: www.xda-developers.com XDA Forums forum.xda-developers.com XDA Developer TV www.xda-developers.com Links to stories mentioned: Rooted & Deodexed Jelly Bean Leak for Verizon SGS3:www.xda-developers.com Team Liquid Releases RC7 ROM for 7 Devices:www.xda-developers.com Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 for the Samsung Galaxy GT-I5510:www.xda-developers.com CyanogenMod Adds File Manager to Nightlies:www.xda-developers.com Core Android 4.2 Apps and Gapps on Any Jelly Bean Device:www.xda-developers.com App Review: Stylish Web Browsing with Holoweb Browser — XDA Developer TV:www.xda-developers.com Jordan’s YouTube Channel: youtube.com Jordan’s Gaming Channel: youtube.com

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