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Unboxing & Review: MEElectronics Atlas Carbon IML Graphics On...


I got it sale price on: Ok, so I’m not sure about the other colors, but the white “Diamond” pattern is very, very nice. From the pictures you can’t tell, but in person there’s a very fine, slight metal flake in the white portion of them. It’s not even noticeable unless you have them about 12″ from your face and are holding them to the light at the right angle. I decided to check out what “IML graphics” were all about. Basically, it just means that these have multiple layers of graphics, which were integrated into the molding itself. So, unlike most “print graphics”, on plastic items, that over time fade and rub off, these supposedly will not do that. The layering makes sense on these, because this pair has an almost 3D effect to them. The slight lines, which make up the diamond pattern, actually look textured, like I should be able to feel them or something, yet it’s just a smooth glossy surface. They’re fairly light weight, yet they don’t feel cheaply made to me. The ear piece and upper head pad coverings are made of a very soft supple, synthetic leather (I’m guessing?) material. This covering is very thin and pliable, with that “real leather” grippyness. They are super comfy on my large skull, and left no memorable pressure points anywhere (even after prolonged use). I love the flat wire, with inline mic and controls. First of all, the flat wire is more unique than the traditional wire, and second it doesn’t kink and twist, like my standard wires! The Mic is of extremely good quality. I did multiple voice recordings (and then playbacks) and the quality was more than satisfactory and my voice sounded full (unlike a cheap, run of the mill, inline cable). The sound quality didn’t disappoint. However, looking at these cans for the first time, you’d be inclined to want to compare the sound quality to a $200-$300 pair. But, to be fair, they aren’t in the same class as a pair of those (they just LOOK like they could be). The overall audio performance, I found, was very satisfactory for ALL different genres. Just don’t expect these to vibrate off your head with low dubstep drops, but DO expect an all-round enjoyable listening experience (mid-bass is great) with a ton of aesthetically pleasing style. Sure, I could use an app to tune to an exact listening preference, but for my liking, their fine out of the box.

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