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Top 10 Smart Phones in 2013


Top 10 Smart Phones in 2013 Smart phone Number 1: Apple iPhone 5s Prices range from $199 to $399 on contract or $649 to $849 with no contract. The iPhone 5s is available on all major carriers. Smart phone Number 2: HTC One htc-one-small You can buy the HTC One for as low as $50 subsidized on most carriers or $550 full price with no contract. Smart Phone Number 3: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 The Note 3 is priced at $ on contract from most carriers with a full price of $ without a contract. Smart Phone 4: Nokia Lumia 1020 The 1020 is now available for $ with a 2-year contract. There are good alternative Lumias on other carriers (928, 925, etc.), but Nokia hasn’t yet launched one device across all the major US carriers. Smart Phone 5: Google Nexus 5 The price of the Nexus 5 is fantastic, if you compare apples-to-apples. However, in the US most people buy their phones with a subsidy so the real value may not be realized as the Nexus 5 is priced nearly the same as the latest and greatest smartphones. $349 (16GB) and $399 (32GB) are amazing SIM-unlocked prices that are $200 to more than $300 less than other Android and iOS devices. Smart Phone 6: Moto X You can purchase the Moto X starting at $99 on contract or $499 on T-Mobile with no contract, for the 16GB model. It’s nice to see that it is assembled in the US and as a veteran that is something that had me seriously considering it even though it isn’t the most powerful smartphone available. Smart Phone Number 7: LG G2 The minimal side bezel, long battery life, and solid camera experience are compelling on the LG G2. I couldn’t get used to the power and volume buttons on the back and did not like the glossy plastic back cover. The LG G2 is available on all the major carriers for $ with a 2-year contract. T-Mobile sells it for $ down and $21/month for 24 months or $ full retail price. It is available now on all carriers with some software differences and WiFi Calling support on T-Mobile. Smart Phone 8: Samsung Galaxy S4 The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very popular smartphone and a standard for many folks. It could easily have been put higher on the list, but there are other newer exciting smartphones I placed higher. The Galaxy S4 has a 5 inch display and yet still feels great in your hand. Samsung provides some flexibility with a microSD card and removable battery too. They also include plenty of software enhancements that make the S4 unique compared to many other Android smartphones. You can purchase the S4 on all carriers for $ with 2-year contract. T-Mobile sells it with no contract for $ Smart Phone 9: Motorola Droid Maxx I think the Note 3 is the ultimate road warrior phone due to the memory and battery swap capabilities, but the Droid Maxx is next in line for this title. Again, the Droid Maxx suffers from carrier exclusivity and is only available on Verizon Wireless. The price dropped quickly after launch from $ to $ with a 2-year contract. The $ no-contract price is quite good for a powerful smartphone. Smart Phone 10: Sony Xperia Z1 Sony’s Honami phone, aka the Xperia Z1, was long rumored and desired by smartphone enthusiasts. It is now available as a SIM unlocked variant directly from Sony. The Xperia Z1’s claim to fame is the waterproof and dust resistant casing with a high-powered camera. Unfortunately, Sony still has some work to do on their smartphone displays before I will purchase one for myself. The Xperia Z1 includes a Snapdragon 800 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage with a microSD card slot, megapixel camera, and five inch HD display. You can purchase it without a contract for $ from the Sony store in black, white, or purple. My special thanks to Matthew Miller for Smartphones and Cell Phones | November 11, 2013 issue in ZDnet

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