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TergoSol: Environmentally Safe Alternative to Acetone and (MEK)...


Source: Have you been searching for an environmentally safe solvent for the workplace? Are you sick and tired of the adverse effects that Acetone and Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) can cause? Creating a greener workplace has become a main focus among business leaders, a primary result of the harsh side effects of common cleaning solutions. If your focus has also become locating an environmentally safe cleaner to use in your workplace, then investing a mere 20 minutes to have a listen to The Green Solvents Show can be beneficial. The podcast host, Erik Reynolds interviews the president of TBF Environmental, Dave Pasin who has provided an in depth explanation of the environmental benefits of Tergosol, and exactly why it’s an ideal replacement for MEK and Acetone. Listening to the Dave Pasin interview will help you to understand the importance of replacing toxic cleaners with greener alternatives. Additionally, you’ll discover how making a switch provides healthy benefits without having to risk a loss of cleaning power. Common Concerns with Mainstream Cleaning Solutions During the interview, Dave discusses his issues with common cleaners, including Acetone which is known to irritate and even burn the skin due to a low flash point. Furthermore, it has a horrid odor and is a known central nervous system depressant. For this reason, employees have a tendency to dislike using it, the result is that business leaders are driven to locate a suitable alternative. Though there are many ethanol based solutions available, they’re not Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) exempt, and as a result, even though they are considered green, they are limited. This has led to creating a superior alternative. Developing a Solution that Passed Complete Testing The need for a superior green cleaner within the marketplace led to mass testing to develop a quality environmentally friendly solvent. Assessing common questions that have been asked by many over the years led to the creation of Tergosol. – Is a fast evaporating cleaner important? – Can a green cleaner be developed that is residue free? – Is having a VOC exempt solvent a common market demand? – Is a cleaner that’s benzene free a priority? – Can an environmentally safe cleaner ensure employee health? These types of common consumer and marketing questions are what were used as a guide during the developmental stage of Tergosol. Dave goes into an in depth explanation of the testing process performed by Scientific Materials Inc. during his interview. Tergosol excelled through rigorous testing which included, the sandwich corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking tests. Passing all of these tests is exciting, as it means that this solvent can be a viable option for multiple business types. Is There a Demand for Environmentally Safe, Green Cleaners in the Workplace? There is definitely a demand within all business types for green cleaners that can provide high quality results. Tergosol has grown to wide distributed throughout North America. For information on a VOC exempt solvent, listen to the podcast and then leave your final thoughts here for further discussion. Environmental Technology (TBF) manufactures “Environmentally Compliant Green Solvents©” (ECG) which have been designed to meet and / or exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and State VOC emission standards and requirements. TBF products develop chemical formulations based on modern innovations that lead to products capable of reducing and/or eliminating harmful and hazardous waste. Additionally, TBF solvents improve employee safety while simultaneously improving the environment. To gather additional information and see firsthand how Tergosol can benefit you and your employees, visit their website. TBF Environmental Technology Inc. 12255 King George Boulevard Surrey, British Columbia Canada V3V 3K2 Website: Telephone: Fax: * **

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