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[TemptingReviews] Asus Eee Slate EP121 - Windows 7 Tablet


Finally…a slate that is worth the dollars asked. The ExoPC (which I also wrote a review about) being $800 pales in comparison to the Eee Slate which is $300 more. Based on the specs of this beast, I would say the ExoPC is overpriced by about $400. Nice machine, but just comparing specs. This device has two things that make it not quite appealing to everyone: The weight and the battery life. The weight makes it not that desirable for lengthy holding, though it is no more heavy than any of the Motion Computing tablets. IN fact, spec-wise this is comparable to the Motion J3500, it just doesn’t have the same battery life (and obviously, this is because it’s a lot slimmer than the Motion tablet). Contains the same Gorilla Glass which by itself makes it infinitely more valuable than any other tablet out there, but the back seems to be simple plastic rather than ruggedized, so I figure the machine could still break and you’d just have a flawless piece of glass. Who knows. On a scale of 10 I would give it an 8. Battery life and weight are the only factors holding it back. Again THIS IS NOT AN IPAD COMPETITOR. I would go out on a limb by saying this isn’t even really a consumer device. I’m not sure why they put 7 Home Premium on it (64 bit Home Premium at that), because it just doesn’t fit into a consumer market with the Android tablets and the iPad. My advice: Upgrade it to 7 Ultimate or Professional, and use it in a business environment as a mobile computing solution. ARE YOU …

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