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TALERKA App on Google Play


TALERKA App on Android Market — Unique culinary application with original recipes from Andrey Azarov, the author of the application, an artist and a designer by occupation, and an aficionado chef, known in the culinary RuNet as “talerka”. He has been collecting recipes since 2006, and uses only traditional ones in his blog. The blog TALERKA is • A site (5 hours of video of cooking clinics, more than 3 000 subscribers, more than 2 mln views of videorecipes and more than 10 mln page views ). • 500 traditional recipes from all over the world accompanied by front pictures in HD quality • 126 of step by step videos presented in a dynamic cliplike manner. • Thousands of insightful comments and advice from readers collected over the past 6 years. • Recipes are in the lanaguage of the country of origin. They are short and succinct like an instruction to food preparation. No redundant information. • All the nuances and “lyrics” are in the comments of readers and the author himself. • The recipes are arranged by countries. • You will find custom search engine in the list of recipes by countries (recipe name, cooking time, technology, course category, availability of ingredients). • The search engine will remember the ingredients you do not use and will not include them in the search results (in the coming version). • Application timer works even when you are logged off. • Application remembers and stores your favourite recipies on a separate page. • Application saves list of ingredients in the shopping basket. • You can send your list of ingredients by text message or e-mail. • Integrated with Facebook and Twitter. • Works in standalone mode (offine mode). • As soon as you install the appllication, you can upload video recipes individually or all together by pressing one button (stable Wi-Fi connection is required). • Every month you will be getting 5-10 new recipes. Application developer: “AppTeka- mobile applications” () Application design: Azarov Andrey ()

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