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Tablets for Kids: VINCI Tab II 7-inch Learning Tablet from Rullingnet


See the full review, the updated price and where it’s available to buy at The VINCI Tab II 7-inch Learning Tablet is an Android-operated, age-appropriate tablet device for toddlers and preschoolers that works in conjunction with the VINCI Curriculum, a step-by-step learning structure comprised of a series of age-specific learning apps and assessment tools. The VINCI Curriculum apps cover six aspects of a child’s developing mind: thinking skills, emotional and social skills, language and literacy, math and logical reasoning, general knowledge, and science. The VINCI Tab II comes pre-loaded with six of these apps (two from each level), and the rest can be purchased separately at Within each of the learning apps, parents can change the language from English to Spanish, French, or Chinese. The apps are catalogued according to a child’s age in increments by month. For example, an M18 app is appropriate for an 18-month-old child. Other pre-loaded apps include Kids Library, which comes with three eBooks; Camera, where kids can take pictures and video using the 3 megapixel camera; Gallery, where kids will find the pictures and videos they’ve recorded and can watch 20 pre-loaded animated music videos; and Music, where parents can upload MP3s so that kids can listen to their favorite music. Additional music videos, eBooks, and other apps can be purchased and downloaded separately from When parents register the device online, they can download the free VINCI Diary to track their child’s developmental milestones and design their child’s personal storybook. Because the tablet runs on the Android operating system, it also comes pre-loaded with Android apps, including an Internet browser, Google Play (from where you can also download apps onto your VINCI Tab II), Gmail, Skype, Adobe Reader, QuickOffice, and Google Maps. The tablet also has Wi-Fi. Parents can log in to the special Parent Menu to add or remove apps from the app home screen, download additional apps, and transfer media files from a computer to the tablet and vice versa. Certain apps, such as the Internet browser, are not accessible to children if the parent has logged out of the Parent Menu. However, if the parent chooses to add the Internet browser app to the main app home page, it will be accessible to the child even if the parent is not logged in. Because this tablet is for kids, it features a fully protective PVC-, latex-, and BPA-free handle that surrounds the tablet, making it easy for small hands to hold. The VINCI Tab II features 8 GB of internal storage and has a micro SD card slot to expand the memory up to 32 GB. (A micro SD card is sold separately.) It has a seven-inch LCD touchscreen and comes with a USB cord. It runs on a Cortex A8 GHz processor.

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