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stock photos for $1 Residual Income Stock Photography Step #2:...


PHOTODUNE for $1: videostock from $1: Today at we show you exactly what gear you should purchase and or use to get started on your stock photography business. And what gear is that exactly you ask. You need a DSLR camera (a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera) and a 50mm lens. The DSLR should be AT LEAST 6MP and should be made by either Canon or Nikon. Your images will be at least LARGE sized on most stock photography sites and at as your maximum aperture, you can shoot in many lighting conditions and have great focus fall off. Taking great shots is not all about gear and it is certainly NOT about money. You can get a great setup that will get you taking great microstock images for around $200-$300 in the used market and around $550 in the new. Tune in to next post/video where Ill give you the next step on becoming the next person to quit his/her day job through microstock photography.

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