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Samsung Galaxy S5 - Revisited Review!


2 Months on, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a popular choice. But is it the best Android phone on the track? Find out in my revisited review! 10 Reasons Galaxy S5 Beats HTC One M8: 10 Reasons HTC One M8 Beats Galaxy S5: Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 things I hate! PRICING & PRODUCT INFO (Cheapest Links!): S5 Price & Availability (US): S5 Price & Availability (UK): ————– Favourite Other Galaxy S5 Reviews: MKBHD: Android Authority: The Verge: ————– More Info! ————– Best way to reach out: +TomRich My personal blog: All of my video gear: My Twitter: My Facebook: Contact me: #contact ———- FAQs! ———- My red iPhone 5: My watch (US): My watch (UK): Wallpapers mostly by Justin Maller:

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