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Samsung Galaxy S3: Connectivity demo - USB OTG, MHL, bluetooth...


AndroidNZ.net – the best source for Galaxy S3 content! For navigation in the video use these links: USB Pendrive @0:55, 500GB portable drive @2:50, USB hub with keyboard and mouse @4:00, USB audio @6:48, PS3 controller and FPse @8:55, XBoX controller @11:08, MHL @14:25, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse @15:50, 1080p DivX and 10-bit via MHL @18:38, RDP with Splashtop/MHL/BT keyboard and mouse @20:05, Wiimotes and N64oid @23:57 You can purchase USB OTG cables many places, this is where I got mine: goo.gl

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