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Reptilians Real or Fake?


Are Reptilian’s real, or is this nothing more than a hoax? Watch to findout yourself! The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity – The FULL STORY (1/8) – David Icke www.youtube.com Some more sources in this article www.aionsource.com 2012 UFO’s Alien Humans Genetically Engineered By Alien Race Lloyd Pye www.youtube.com Anunnaki: The Truth [2011] 1/3 www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Reptilian Baby www.youtube.com www.youtube.com NOTE: TheTrueDiablix said, “In reference to the baby thing; there IS a genetic disorder which will cause something SIMILAR however that genetic disorder causes the skin to have deeper cracks and it will almost always turn out having either red skin or a reddish tint to the skin. I see none of those things in those babies and thus can only conclude that it is not the disorder mentioned; While possible, it’s extremely unlikely for every case except 2 or 3 to bare very specific traits in one single genetic alteration.” Baby Reptilian Alien found in the Farms of Mexico www.youtube.com Greatest Reptilian Shapeshifting www.youtube.com More Shapeshifting www.youtube.com Reptilian Demon Controlling Chakra! www.youtube.com More EBE’s (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) www.youtube.com The Tablet of Truth Series 2 Episode 1 Hyperdimensional Warfare www.youtube.com The Tablet of Truth Series 2 Episode 2 Hyperdimensional Warfare www.youtube.com Ben Bernanke Reptilian Shapeshifter www.youtube.com Mysterious Skulls dedroidify.blogspot.com Images …

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