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Quantum Axis A23 7" Tablet Review - Under $60!!!


Link: Price $55 USD Link: Price $ CAD Subscribe for more videos: The Quantum Axis A23 tablet features an x23 ARM Dual Core CPU coupled with the Mali-400 GPU, doubles the power of its predecessors, making gaming and web browsing more fluid, while maintaining affordability. Dual cameras allow for high quality images and video in various file formats. Use the front-facing camera for Google Hangouts or Skype chats. A multi-touch 7″ display with 1024×600 resolution provides higher quality video. It also comes with a FREE installed screen protector! b/g/n integrated wireless connects you to the web. Browse the web, play online games, stream music and video off your home network using apps installed from Google Play or side-loaded from your SD card running Android Jelly Bean OS. Full LIFETIME defect warranty on any manufacturing defects! Drop and spill coverage available through SquareTrade at a small fee to ensure your investment is 100% protected. Script for the Video: Hey guys Itonemod here Today I have the review of the Axis A23 Tablet by Quantum. I would like to thank Quantum for sending this tablet out for review. All of the links as well as the subscribe button are down below in the description. Remember to click that thumbs up button and subscribe, it really helps. Alright guys, let’s get on into the review. This tablet right here has a 7″ 1024 by 600 resolution display. It has an x23 ARM Dual Core CPU with the Mali-400 GPU. It comes with Android and 8GB of Storage. Now as most of you may already know from looking at this tablet, it is not a premium tablet. It doesn’t have the high end specifications that the iPad Air or Samsung Galaxy Tab S. That’s understandable because those tablets cost above $500, this one barely costs above $50. When you hear about buying a tablet for $50, you will probably expect a tablet that cannot do much. That’s where you’re wrong. This tablet runs Android very smoothly and with an update for Android coming soon this tablet isn’t lacking much. The overall tablet experience is fairly smooth. The standard browser it comes with works great but it takes a few seconds to install google chrome and the browsing experience is very similar to what you would experience on other tablets. There is rarely any lag and it doesn’t have trouble loading up various web pages. You shouldn’t have trouble browsing the web on this device. By no means is this a premium experience, it’s just average. But for $50, average feels very premium to me. Moving on to the cameras. Although I like the tablets ambitious approach to a front and back camera on this device, I believe if the company worked on one of the cameras rather than both, the result would have been a bit better. Overall the front camera is not that great but still, you can take pictures with them and get the point across. I mean this tablet is just the right size for you to not look like an idiot while taking pictures with it. The front camera is decent and you shouldn’t have problems with any video calls. You can also play various games on this tablet like Angry Birds. In fact angry birds is great on this device. All the levels are smooth and playable and I had fun playing the game on here. In other graphic intensive, cpu demanding games though there is noticeable lag. In fact games like Angry Birds Epic AND Angry Birds Go, do not perform all that well. There was a lot of lag and although they were playable the experience was subpar in my opinion. Moving onto other media like videos. It plays all my video files like I would expect, there was no lag at all and I was able to enjoy anime on this, no problem. The only speaker is on the back though, so be careful not to cover it up with your hand or the audio is going to sound distorted. Once again the screen resolution is not that great so there won’t be good viewing angles on here but at a good angle the viewing experience is decent. The system itself does not have a skin on it so you will get everything on here that you would expect from stock Android Overall this tablet is perfect for someone that is not really tek savvy and isn’t looking for the newest technology. Someone who just needs a tablet for some basic entertainment like viewing movies, listening to music and playing some basic games. For a price point of $, I would say that it is a good buy, especially considering the mediocre competition at this price point. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the review, remember to comment, rate, and subscribe for more. If you have a question leave it down below. iTonemod checking out, have a nice day. Peace.

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