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Pyle Astro PTBL102BCD Touch Screen 3D Graphic Wi Fi Tablet Review


I got it on: An exceptionally good buy in a 10″ Android tablet! I was fairly skeptical that a 10-inch tablet that sold for $141 (at the time of this review) would be very good. So I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the Pyle Astro TBL102BCD so much. Head-to-head with a Kindle Fire HDX ” or an iPad or any of a number of high-end tablets, the Pyle would come off second best, but not by as much as I expected. The tablet is pure vanilla Android, and anyone who’s already familiar with the Android environment will hardly need the user manual. The tablet is running Android version (Jelly Bean). The tablet is set to receive updates automatically from the manufacturer, but I don’t know how often these will occur. At least one app from the Google Play Store that I wanted would not install with Jelly Bean – it wanted KitKat. Wi-fi is excellent. The Pyle tablet picked up as many near-by wireless networks as my Kindle Fire and Android phone see. The connection has been very stable, even when I moved the tablet well away from my wireless router. The screen is big. The usable area is 8¾”x5″ (:1). The screen resolution is 1024×600. Compared to more expensive tablets with higher resolution, that’s not very impressive, but it works, and at the normal viewing distance for a 10″ screen, the difference is not really too noticeable. The Bluetooth is very good. I paired a Bluetooth speaker and a Bluetooth keyboard with the tablet, and both worked flawlessly. The speaker got good reception out to about 25 feet with a couple of walls in between, and being familiar with the speaker, that was the speaker’s limitation, not the tablet. There are front ( MP) and back (2 MP) cameras. The on-screen camera controls are pretty good, letting you adjust several settings, including zoom, but there’s no flash. You can also shoot videos. Both cameras are located in the upper right corner of the tablet, which isn’t the best location for Skypeing, but it works. The audio is so-so, and I found myself pairing one of my small Bluetooth speakers when playing music or streaming videos (the audio quality was fine, but the maximum volume wasn’t always loud enough for me). You can also connect speakers or headphones through a audio port. The two speakers are located on the back of the tablet, and they’re really too close together to get much channel separation. The tablet does have an external volume control, a very appreciated feature. Read more best review on:

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