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Popular App (Alternatives) for Windows Phone 8


Facebook – I was using the Facebook Beta app. If you’d like to get just get the beta app, then click on this: Instagram – Instance is the best way to login or register and view awesome photos quickly and in a metro styled way: (FREE) (PAID) Twitter – The official Twitter app that I think should be adopted by all the other mobile operating systems: MetroTube – the next best way to browse, view and share all the awesome (and some strange) videos of the internet! (This is the PAID app) Youtube HD – Runner up to MetroTube, YouTube HD is a great youtube client that gives you the same abilities as any other app (possibly more) with a great metro style and for the best price ever; FREE! 6sec (Vine Alternative) – Like all other Vine apps should be, very simple, plain and easy to operate: WhatsApp – Have friends or family on any other mobile OS? Connect with them and chat away with this powerful cross-platform app: SwapChat – **has been taken off the store, will update if put back on** Questions? Please head over to my Facebook Page to ask me them! Thanks for watching and be sure to stay tuned for more videos!

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