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Polaroid PTAB4300 Android 2.2 Mini Tablet


“Polaroid Android” -it had a nice ring to it, I will say that. The story began when I had heard that Big Lots had these little Froyo-laden babies for sale locally for 60$ buckskins and rode up the street about 3 miles to check one out. I liked the feel of the display model, it felt like a heavy aluminum body with a decent rubberized grippy back, and decided “what the I just got my tax return- whatever”. Plus the 30 day return policy made me feel okay with “tentatively buying” one just to play with it. It has a nice look to it, and in look and feel resembles much pricier Android phones on the market. Several people stopped and asked me while I was out what type of phone it was, and for the 60$ pricetag I think a few people were more that slightly interested themselves in it. Although all cosmetics aside there were a number of downsides to this item. Which I’ll get at below. The Specs: Manufacturer: Polaroid (via Southern Telecom) Model: PTAB4300 Android Version: Kernel Version Build Number: Processor: 600MHz Rockchip RK2818/ARM RAM:256MB/DDR2 Internal Memory: 4GB External Memory:Micro SD (not included in sale) Networking: Wi-Fi b/g Battery: Rechargable Li-ion. Charge time is short, approx 6 1/2 hours using the USB charging cable included, much faster (~2 hrs?) using my car charger (not included). Although it has a fairly nice display and good sensitivity, the real estate is, as they say minimal, and typing isn’t very easily accurate, even after calibration and use of the much nicer Swiftkey keyboard. Wi-Fi is spotty and at times non-existent, when all my other wi-fi enable items are able to get great full bar readings, this was the little engine couldn’t. Streaming Video (youtube, Netflix, and just about any online news vids) just flat out do not work at all. Even practically standing on top of my Modem/Wi-fi router, it never goes anywhere. Major sadface. :angry: Stored video played very nicely and fairly smooth, with a fairly nice embedded video player that had nice controls and responded very fluidly. Variable aspect ratio settings are build into it and I was very pleased to watch several prior downloaded movies using it while out on the road. Rooting is not proving very easy on this little goober, with both Gingerbreak and Z4root, a big negative on that one Ghostrider. ADB is not finding the drivers on this thing either, however more effort will be made on my part prior to my return date. Of that much I’m certain. So I’ll update in a few days. Stability: Overall I’ve seen it crash on numerous occasions (with live wallpapers running and video or larger games straining it). Running the old Angry Birds benchmark test, it chugs along fairly well, but still shows noticeable strain when pinch zooming, this happens via a framerate drop to about 20 fps or a slightly visible dip, but not enough to kill the gameplay. It’s a nice buy, not a bit of a toe in the water from a company that ultimately want to succeed in a transition into the digital media era with Android as their entrance modus operandi. Case in point, the slated Polaroid SC1630 (seen on Polaroid’s website) could be a pretty good hybridization (in theory) of what a good marriage of well made OS, good UI, and good image capture capabilities might do to the mobile electronics platform market. I do wish them well with the endeavor, but this tiny tablet is a tad bit of a letdown. All in all, you can’t blame a company for trying, and from the tiny price point, they gave a sticker price that goes along with lesser expectations.

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