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NVIDIA Tegra 2 Tablet Prototype Ports Walk Through & Unity Demo


Netbook News is here at the Netbook Summit in San Francisco and we’ve been waiting for the Google I/O conference to be over to be able to a walk through of the ports of the NVIDIA Prototype Tablet. The NVIDIA Tegra 2 Prototype Tablet is an inch tablet was running Android with its 1Ghz Tegra 2 processor. It was also sporting a webcam & microphone and for connectivity on the left hand side of the device we have audio jacks, docking port connector and a microsd card slot. On the bottom we have some status LEDs for Power, Wifi and a lighting blot, not too sure what the lighting bolt LED was for, charging perhaps, hard to say. Moving around the device to the right we have two USB ports and the PSU all covered up with a silicon flap. On the top because it is Android after all we have back, menu and home we also have what appears to be a SIM card slot though it curiously looked a little bit too thin.

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