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My Pad T60 7inch Android Tablet Smart Phone 1024x600 MT Screen...


Visit MyPadT60.info for more info on this High Resolution 7″ Android 2.3 Tablet Smart Phone. The new My-Pad T60 is the much better Dreambook W7 alternative, both featuring the same processor and a 1024 X 600 pixel capacitive screen, built-in 3G and GPS, but the My Pad T60 has certainly carved out a definite advantage. Worldwide marketing via the CleverMembers.com network http are other benefits for better customer support. The My-Pad T60 features a larger capacity 3 cell Polymer 4200mAh battery, a true GPS module, the more advanced Huawei 3G module for better signal strength and greater worldwide connectivity, and the 2.3.3 OS makes video chat and calls possible. Ships directly from China, but local and international support is available via the CleverMembers.com Help Desk.

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