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My Dell Latitude 10 Essential 32gb tablet. WTH only 4gb of useable...


I’m not sure if other windows 8 pro tablet’s are similar to dell latitude 10 essential 32gb tablets. Anyways, I was surprised to see that from a 32gb tablet that only 4gb of usable hard drive space was available. only 4gb of free space. How can microsoft compare their 32gb tablet with an ipad 16gb tablet when an ipad has 13gb of usable space whereas this windows 8 pro tablet only has 4gb of useable space. To put it into perspective, this dell tablet includes the following partitions: 1) Primary 20gb C: drive with only 4-6gb of free space (some space will eventually be taken by the swap and restore files) 2) a 2 gb restore tools partition 3) an 8 gb hidden restore partition. Therefore, please be careful when purchasing this windows 8 pro tablet or any other windows 8 pro tablet from a different manufacturer because there may be a lack of actual hard drive space because of the recovery partition. You might be able to fix the problem by re-installing windows … but that’s a completely whole different story. Please you can add data to the SD card slot (although that will be much slower)

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