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Microsoft Office going tablet, Android Wear apps everywhere,...


Written Companion – Join us this week as we talk about some more Google apps that went Material, a new game called Eliss Infinity, a whole bunch of Android Wear app stuff, Microsoft Office going tablet, and more Android apps news! Microsoft Office review! – Samsung Galaxy S5 Active review! – Check out the Android Authority forums! – Get your Android Authority merch! – Subscribe to our YouTube channel: —————————————————- Stay connected to Android Authority: – – +AndroidAuthority/posts – – Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: +JoshuaVergara/posts Joe Hindy: +JosephHindy/posts Kevin “The Tech Ninja”: Darcy LaCouvee: Jayce Broda: +JayceBroda/posts Kris Wouk: +KristoferWouk Lanh Nguyen:

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