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IVIEW 760TPC Tablet with ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Detailed Video...


**IVIEW CyPad 760TPC ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Detailed Video Review** A $100-ish (~$130 in US) Android tablet running ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), but how do it run compared to the stock Gingerbread that it originally shipped with? Watch the detailed review to see how it stacks up. It is ~40 minutes long, thats why its detailed (in 720P). So to help TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1.) 2:37 – ICS Walkthrough (on this tablet) 2.) 17:28 – Video Playback Performance Tests 3.) 23:08 – Benchmark and Performance Tests 4.) 32:34 – Gaming and Performance Tests 5.) 39:48 – *Conclusion and Overall Review Summary* This is a supplement to my IVIEW 760TPC Ultra Detailed Video Review: Quick Specifications (if you are wondering): – 7-inch (800×480), capacitive multi-touch screen, up to 5 points – OS: Android rooted (supports ICS – tested) – CPU: AllWinner A10, 1GHz, single-core, Cortex-A8 core – GPU: Mali-400 – RAM: 512MB (~128MB is allocated to the GPU) – Storage: 4GB (2GB for system & 2GB for internal storage) ……….. new versions shipping with 8GB internal storage – Storage: also supports microSD (tested up to 32GB fine) – Camera: Megapixel Front Camera ……….. new versions shipping with 2 megapixel camera – Wireless: b/g/n – Battery: moderate usage ~5-6 hours, standby ~1+ weeks – Accelerometer and Gyroscope are good – NO GPS receiver, NO compass, NO bluetooth I flashed the firmware that was released for the Ployer Momo9. I will upload it, as well as other compatible ICS builds within a day (check my IVIEW 760TPC Thread at TabletRepublic). I also used some scripts to modify and fix up a few minor things to unlock the Market apps. I will go over it in a video that will also be released within a week about flashing firmwares and recovery images for this tablet. If you can’t wait to try it, then here is the firmware image and scripts that I used on the tablet in this video review: Go here: – this is my thread with all firmware and info Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible if you damage, ruin, brick, etc. your 760TPC if you flash any of the unofficial firmware, updates, patches, and mods. So constructive comments and questions only please. Enjoy.

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