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IPAD MINI SCAM, Purchased from Wal-Mart.


**FOLLOW UP VIDEO- Got their !- WalMart – S. Florida Ave. Lakeland , FL – # (863) 644-5676 _ Monica and Matt are the managers who I dealt with. They treated me like garbage honestly. I realize no one knows me or the kind of man I am, But, I have a website, where I provide info and reviews on electronic cigarettes to help people quit smoking. You can get a feel for who I am by looking at my content I I purchased an Ipad mini from a Wal Mart store in Lakeland Fl, S. Florida Ave. on 12-14-13, , got home, did some work on the computer Then opened the Ipad, there were BOOKS NO IPAD WalMart managers Monica and Matt Bean said they couldn’t do a thing and were very disrespectful,.$300 is a lot of money to me. I am a full time college student and can not afford to simply buy another tablet. I don’t know what else to Apple customer service said they can not do anything to WalMart corporate customer service said they can not do anything , took my info and said a District Manager MAY contact me in 2-5 business The information in this video sheds much light on what most likely

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