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iPad 2 vs Asus EEE Pad Transformer - quick comparison


– go here to get NEW TABLET FOR FREE! Asus EEE Pad Transformer Android Tablet PC overview: The tablet is very fast and extremely responsive. Multitasking using Android is impressive, and it was very easy to switch between running apps quickly and without fuss. There was no lag at any point, save for a few quirks with the mouse cursor. The keyboard is also a fantastic addition, and anyone wanting to get hold of this tablet should definitely consider spending the extra £50 or so on the keyboard dock. It adds extra functionality and another six hours of battery life into the mix. Battery life itself is a major positive — 16 hours with the dock gives you a lot of options, and far outstretches any tablet we’ve seen. That said, it won’t charge over a USB connection with your computer, you’ll need the bundled mains adapter for that. The screen is excellent – we couldn’t fault it at all. The display also seems to resist finger smudges better than most, although it’s still not as impressive as the iPad 2 in this regard. The inclusion of features such as SD and MicroSD slots, miniHDMI-out and two USB ports only increases the tablet’s functionality further. And of course, with the Android updadte adding the ability to host cameras and other external devices, this tablet is only going to get more useful.

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