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HTC One Max Review (Shot in 4K Entirely with the Samsung Galaxy...


Available now on **I used the Canon T4i as a stabilizer for the Note 3. That is how I got the video so smooth. The Note 3 Does NOT have Optical Image Stabilization. That is why there is a “Canon” reflection on the HTC One Max. The T4i had no lens on it just the cap ** Here is my video review of the HTC One Max. Shot in 4K Resolution with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3! Enjoy at least in 1440p if you don’t have a 4K TV or Monitor. The One Max features a Snapdragon 600 CPU with 2GB of RAM, Inch 1080p Display, 32GB of Storage and SD Card expansion. A huge 3300 MAH battery, Spark 4G LTE and 4 UltraPixel Camera round out its specifications. Are you a fan of large smartphones? Is this the one to get over something like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Watch to find out. Subscribe now and follow on Twitter @superscientific

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