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How To Install Windows CE On A Cheap Tablet


For the purposes of this video, we will be working with a WM8650 compatible tablet. For those that are unsure if your device is a WM8650 or a WM8505, please use Google. The WinCE Desktop Environment can bring new life to these older devices by turning them in to productivity machines, something that Android is not the best at doing. I make this argument because Android is painfully slow on devices such as these. For those of you with cheap tablets and netbooks that are no longer in use, you may be able to install Windows CE on your device. You will need to check the board specifications. But, if your equipment is using a WM8650 SoC, you can definitely try removing Android (Froyo) and installing Windows CE. It is really simple. 1. Format Micro SD Card. 2. Download 3. Extract ZIP to formatted SD Card. 4. Insert SD Card in tablet. 5. Boot tablet. WARNING! Android will be deleted. But don’t worry. Go visit and they will fix you up with UBEROID. It’s way better than what came stock any how.

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