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How To Install TWRP On The Nook Tablet


my video that has partition wizard example. start the video at 2:45 for example Here’s the recovery – 1. In ATE, type in ‘su’ [ENTER]. Grant it access when prompted. 2. In ATE, type in ‘cd /emmc’ [ENTER]. This will change your file system current directory to /emmc, which corresponds to the internal storage drive. 3. In ATE, type in ‘ls’ [ENTER]. This will list the contents of the /emmc directory. You should see the file you copied over and renamed earlier (step 2). 4. In ATE, type in ‘dd if=/ of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3′ [ENTER]. This will write the contents of the file to partition 3 of device mmcblk0 (internal memory). You should now be able to reboot and use twrp. CAREFUL, as you could brick your device if you get step 4 wrong. How To Get Free Payed Apps FreeMyApps – (iOS+Android) FeaturePoints – (iOS+Android) FreeAppSlots – (iOS) Sign Up For Swagbucks Swagbucks – How To Get Free Cloud Storage Copy – DropBox – Please Like Me On Facebook – Please Like This Video And Subscribe

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