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Handwriting / Recognition: A New Innovation For Windows 8 Tablets...


Ciphryx handwriting / recognition for tablets. Beyond Graffiti. Beyond pen-on-paper. Faster than standard writing or tapping a virtual keypad. Rapid, convenient, compact, accurate. Ciphryx is the last gateway into the tablet computers. Ciphryx uses Stroke Efficiency & Recognition Optimization (SERO) to create a quick and accurate text input system with classroom potential. This video Demonstraties Ciphryx writing on the Dell Venue 8 Pro and a CTL Windows strokes are generally more simple but, are arranged to still “FEEL” like English, Ciphryx was created to increase writing speed beyond that of standard writing, optimize recognition potential and provide keyboard neatness. Unlike written languages of the past, the “letters” (ciphrycs) are less complex and much easier to interprete. Ciphryx has an input advantage on tablets over graphic writing, standard hanwriting recognition, the small virtual or physical keypad in many real-world situations. Ciphryx takes advantage of the Mind/Hand duo which can be tricked into a sensory illusion of still feeling as though one is writing English. It is designed to allow any writer of English to quickly master it with a little practice.\

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