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Device compatibility for Google Play and Amazon app store - get...


If you would like to send a donation to the channel, here the link: Thanks so much for any support OVERVIEW Here I talk about device compatibility for android games on the google play and amazon app store. Having your game / app available on as many devices as possible is super important as it can lead to many more downloads. A big part of this is making sure that your android manifest file is set up so that more people can access your games when doing a search on the app stores. Things like permissions and screen sizes need to be considered. This is still some early research for me as I’m trying to figure out the best configuration for android manifest files. I’ll be posting more videos about this subject and sharing my findings with the viewers. If you have any tips on what to include or not include in the android manifest file for more downloads then please let me know. Leave any comments or questions below and I’ll follow up with you asap. Happy Developing Martin HOW TO MAKE MOBILE GAMES: The How To Make Mobile Games channel talks about and teaches mobile game development and discusses business aspects of the mobile game industry from marketing to distribution to monetization for both iPhone and Android games. How to create iphone apps or games can be a complicated process even for experienced game development professionals and making money with games can be even harder. Here’s the link to the main channel, check it out: BEGINNER GAME DEVELOPMENT TUTORIAL: For new developers with no experience who are looking for a beginner android / iphone development tutorial, check out our pong game tutorial here: We use Unity 3D for all our iphone and android game development. It can be downloaded for free from the Unity website here: IPHONE AND ANDROID APP / GAME MARKETING: If you’re more interested in the getting information on how to make money with mobile games then check out some of our discussion series here: COMMENTS AND ASKING QUESTIONS: If you have any questions on the iphone or android tutorials, or the business related videos, please leave a comment in the video and I’ll do my best to send reply comment or video to answer your questions. Happy Developing Martin

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