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The new ASUS Eee Pad Website is on-line!

We would to tell all the 1,000+ visitors that view our website each day about our sister-site; www.TheASUSEeePad.info. The ASUS Eee Pad Transfomer is an Android 3.0 device that comes with a dual-core 1Ghz processor and 512MB RAM (Upgradeable to 1GB).  It has a 10″ capacitive screen, with a 1280 x 800... View More

Creative announces the Creative ZiiO 10" Android Tablet

A few weeks ago Creative announced their new Zii0 tablet, which is an Android2.1 10″ tablet that comes with 8GB of internal storage. There are some positive features to this, and quite a lot of bad ones. It’s no wonder why this Zii0 10 tablet wasn’t really talked about by anyone.... View More

Microsoft gives up... no Mobile OS threat until 2012

It’s official… Microsoft is pulling out of the (so-called) Three Headed Horse Race today by announcing they will not release a Mobile OS update or WinMobile8 until at least the end of 2012. This is quite shocking considering that Microsoft said they would be spending BILLIONS on their Windows7 phones, and more... View More

10" Capacitive Multi-Touch Android 2.2 Tablet under $350

This is a very nice Android 2.2 Capacitive Multi-Touch Android 2.2 tablet that can be purchased for under $350. This tablet comes with a 800MHz Freescale imx515 Cortex A8 processor and 512MB RAM. This tablet is flash capable, due to RAM and Android 2.2 requirements. It comes with a nice 4800mAh battery,... View More

Here comes Android 3.1 - Merging Tablets and Phones

It’s only been a few days since the first Android 3.0 device has been released (Motorola Xoom), and people are already talking about Android 3.1. It’s amazing how fast technology is, and how fast Google is able to release new versions of its Android OS.

In Android 3.1, its... View More

The Toshiba Antares - Possible New Toshiba Android Tablet

I previously wrote an article about 5 of the best tablets that will be released in 2011, and I mentioned the Nameless Toshiba Tablet. It now appears there is a rumor that there is actually a name for this tablet which is Toshiba Antares.

NVIDIA might have accidentally leaked the... View More

Accidentally deleted YouTube from your Android Tablet?

Everyone knows what YouTube is, due to its immense popularity. Just as YouTube is installed on

a lot of phones, it is also installed on tablets. YouTube is one of the preinstalled apps that comes installed on most tablets, but what happens if you accidentally delete it? That’s why... View More

Alternatives to Google's Marketplace - Where can I download an APK?

Alternatives to Google’s Marketplace

If you are one of the thousands of people who have purchased an Android Tablet without Google’s Marketplace, you know how frustrating it can be. Access to Google’s official Marketplace makes it a breeze to be able to download and update your apps. The... View More