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Bring Your Android Tablet Back To Life - Part 2


In my other video last October 2011, I brought back to life my dead Wondermedia 7 inch Android tablet with new firmware: www.youtube.com It wasn’t easy though and as you know if you downloaded the firmware, every device is made different with different chip-sets and touch-screens and from different factories in China, so the firmware doesn’t work with every tablet out of the box. Unless of course you edit the configuration files manually and know what you are doing. In these two videos I will show you a better and faster firmware for your 7 inch Android tablet, it’s not bloated with crap that will slow it down and has everything you need, including a louder speaker output, louder sound recording, less resource use, A browser with iPad user-agent so you can switch between sites that use html5, (faster than flash), Email, WiFi, 3G, Video, Photos, Camera, a working YouTube and a working Android market. Plus lots more. Angry Birds and Flash 10.1 are installed. Anything else you want to add, you can get from the Android Market. Watch the videos before you do anything and be sure you can revert back to your old firmware if anything goes wrong. To save you hours of time, I have made a firmware that works out of the box with the Wondermedia 7 inch tablets. If you have a different tablet, maybe another brand or with a different size screen, then you will need to use the configuration utility in my download and pray it works. If it doesn’t work, keep trying different brand types …

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