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BiteSMS QuickReply And QuickCompose Alternative For 4.2.1


So you just updated your phone and just finished Jailbreaking it on 4.2 or 4.2.1 and then you installed BiteSMS only to find that IT DOESN\’T WORK! This is an alternative to the QuickReply and QuickCompose features found in biteSMS! Steps: 1. Open Cydia and search for QuickReply 2. Download QuickReply for SMS from the BigBoss repo 3. Make sure you have Activator installed (and if you want to be able to make the QuickCompose alternative more like QuickCompose then be sure to Install Backgrounder) 4. Turn QuickReply on in the settings app and also configure your activation method for the standard messages app 5. Your DONE! I hope you like this video! If it helped PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

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