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Dear friend if you want more information through this link: PI3D TAB Specifications PI3DTAB : Model PI3DTAB-GEN1 • Screen Size inches • 5 Point Touch Screen with Naked Eye 3D • Screen Resolution 1280 × 800 • Max 1920×1080 HDMI output • Average Battery Life 4 hours (3D mode) up to 8 hours (2D mode) • Operating System Android (JellyBean) • 1GB RAM — 8G starting memory extendable with Micro SD 32GB • Dual Camera (Front: , Rear: Mega) • Item Weight lbs. • DIMENSION : L ( Inches) x W ( Inches) x H ( Inches) The pre-order page for the exclusive limited edition of the first 999 PI3DTABs. The devices will be delivered around July 15 and they will be numbered with a certificate added. Additionally you will receive a matching case with a keyboard, a 32GB card for extra memory and a $50 coupon for the next generation PI3DTAB in 2015, in total a US$499 value for US$399. Best rated tablets And ‘May and looking for the best budget tablets you can find online. Well, you’re lucky, listed below are 2 tablets worth $ 120 Best rated tablets and less! I’m a fan of Android so for all Apple fans do not hate me, but I have not found the iPad for less than $ 120, unless they are used and rated tablets Now the main thing of Android tablets, you really need to be careful, not all tablets come with Google Play Store, the manufacturer must be certified for this model Google to use Google Play Store. You can find many tablets under Best rated tablets $ 100, but be careful not to speak because they can not handle all the applications that use your help and you need to do from there the App Store. Sure, it’s nice to have a tablet less than 100 which is Android Ice Cream Sandwich,Best rated tablets but if it crashes all the time when you are in the middle of the game Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds is really sentence? I’m not sure that everyone, but when I buy a tablet or whether it’s an Android or an iPad, I expect to get the apps that work does not block all the rated tablets When it come to the best tablet for the money, I’ll start Agptek Agptek Why? Well, first of all I have 3 of them for my kids, Best rated tablets so I know that they work, Agptek also comes with Google Play store. It has a simple lifestyle and design high-quality, 5-point capacitive touch screen for easy operation, 7-inch TFT screen for the beautiful photos, established in the GPU (graphics processing unit 2D/3D) fully supports the ‘3D game. It ‘has also been estimated between 3-4 stars by Amazon customers who bought verified this tablet, I always read Best rated tablets the reviews before buying a product online. Of course, you can see some negatives, but you’ll also have negative impact on high-end products as price? $ 95

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