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Automated Testing Tool for Android APPs - DroidPilot Demo Video...


DroidPilot is an automated testing tool for Android applications. It’s used for functional regression testing and compatibility testing. The general concepts for this automated test tool: 1. It can recognize the object level of the application, which means it can point out which object is a button, a dropdown list, a single text button, and even recognize the properties of each object, such as the text, the visibility, the height and width of each object. Totally, it’s not base on the screen coordinates. 2. The scripts can be built in once, run in different devices, no matter what kind of screen sizes and Android OS versions. Here we can see, this demo script is running on handsets and tablets, and the OS version covers Android 3. The test script is according to Keyword-driven concept. The script’s grammar is like VB Script. That’s very easy to learn and use. Generally, it can help test engineers saving time and effort on the functional regression testing and multiple devices compatibility testing. For more info please visit our website:

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