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Android TV From Google Unveiled


Subscribe to Escapist News! Escapist News Now with Andrea Rene Follow Andrea on Twitter @andrearene Android TV From Google Unveiled This morning during the annual I/O Developer Conference Google unveiled Android TV, there long-awaited device that will bring Google Play to your television. It functions like many other current Smart TVs but with the Android interface of course, specially designed for large screens. It includes support for voice control, HDMI input, and Android’s extant controller API. You can use your Android phone or tablet as a remote or controller. During the presentation NBA Jam was played on stage using a wired gamepad against a player who was using a tablet. It will probably be more used as a media player for Google Play content such as Apple TV is for movies, TV, and music from the App Store. To foster this, Google is releasing a new category called Android TV that will launch in the Play store alongside the debut the Android L update. In addition to the Android TV box, companies like Razer and Asus are will be developing their own set top boxes. Select Smart TVs from Sony, Sharp, and Phillips will also run it as well. ————————————– Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Find us Google+: Follow us on Pinterest: Check out our Merch:

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