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Android Homme’s success has been built off of vision, preparation and execution. Following those steps it’s easy to understand why their brand has been able to explode in such a short amount of time. While the brand is relatively new co-founders Javier Laval, Matty G and Sneaker Steve Pitino are industry veterans whose combined years of experience with some of the fashion industries top brands gave them the insight they needed to pull off their dream. “Initially I didn’t dive right into the fashion business or into design” says Javier, “I was doing marketing for Nike and Apple. Having my own marketing company allowed me to go into corporate America and see how they do it.” Founded in 2008, the Android Homme team spotted a distinct need in the market for an affordable but quality shoe. After selling two-dozen pairs in their first week at Atrium (a popular NYC clothing store) the AH team knew they were on the right track. “We set a price points because we take pride in our manufacturing and our quality. So what we did was come in and decide to meet in the middle of the $200 to $300 price point which we feel there is a big market for”. Consistency is key to growth in fashion and since its inception Javier has followed an ethos of the future and a focus on lifestyle. While many brands look back to see what worked before, AH is only concerned with what is to come, “Our brand is really not about exclusivity its about inclusivity. Its not really about shoes and clothes its about the lifestyle and the mind set that creates the lifestyle, that’s what’s Android Homme is all about.” Having recently opened their show room in downtown Los Angeles with fellow designer B. Scott, the door is wide open for AH to further their legacy as a staple in the game. Khomari Flash @flashblowhiphop @androidhomme @javierlaval Camera: Khomari Flash Editor: MP Williams Music: MP Williams

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