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7" Android Tablets are awesome


Steve Jobs is saying that 7 inch Android Tablets can’t be popular. I think they can. This Archos 70 Internet Tablet fits in most Jacket Pockets and thus is the largest screen size that can be carried around without using a bag. Also, this one is half the price/size/weight of the iPad, it comes with HDMI output, full video/audio codecs support, USB host and a built-in Webcam for video-chat all which iPad lacks. This tablet at 300gr and 201x114x10mm may be the lightest and most compact 7″ Android on ARM Cortex A8 45nm tablet yet, but I think with optimizations and designs that use less bezel, the weight and size could further be optimized to make this kind of screen size form factor even more jacket pocketable. Basically, Android tablets will provide choice for consumers, from small pocketable ones to larger ones that may mostly stay at home. This video was filmed at 4mbit/s 720p mode using the Archos 43 Internet Tablet’s HD camcorder on firmware It can record in 8mbit/s which might look a bit better than this. I have a theory, I need Archos to confirm. I think the HD cam and the webcam on 32, 43 and 70 are currently with the Android “pre-release” OS version encoded and decoded in software not by hardware acceleration. My gues camera quality will improve when the Android firmware is ready and should include hardware acceleration for the cameras, including better compression quality, better framerate and better audio sync.

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