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3 Fixes: com.google.process.gapps &/or Google Play Store won't...


99% Fixed: One of these three solutions will get your Google Play and/or error message corrected. Several possible solutions to get rid of the infamous and/or to get your Google Play Store up and running whether it is just automatically closing with no error message or shows message. I used a Samsung Galaxy S4 for this demonstration but its pretty much the same for all Android devices. One of these three possible solutions should get 99% of you back up and running. Please like, sub and comment which step worked for and on what kind of phone. Thx! 1- Should work for 90% of you—- Android devices, but not Galaxy S’s: Go to Settings-apps-all apps-scroll all the way near the bottom where it says “download manager” and enable it. For the Galaxy S’s & Notes go to settings-Application Manager (its on the MORE tab) – then look for “downloads” and make sure its the one with the little green Android guy next to it and make sure its enabled. When its disabled it should be near the bottom but for some reason it may still be in alphabetical order. Obviously if it was disable then that is your problem and subscribe, like, and comment!!! 2. To to settings-application manager-find google play store and clear the cache and data 3. Go to settings- application manager- click on menu button (on the left of your home/middle button) then click ” Reset app preferences. 4. Don’t forget to like, sub and comment which step worked for and on what kind of phone. Thx again! has stopped unexpectedly google play not working google play keeps shutting off google play store crashes consistently google play error, problem, issue, turns off, can not open, google play closes immediately, will not stay on

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