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$100 Android tablet from CVS? Yep, Cheap...


This tablet only has 256mb of ram. It’s really slow and the custom UI is wack. It can’t seem to make up it’s mind on which is up or down. Battery lasted me 2 hours tops with wifi on and the resistive touch screen is almost impossible to use without the included stylus. It comes with a mini usb to standard usb adapter, proprietary charger, an short headphone cable extender (still scratching my head about what it’s for), a usb mass storage port, usb host storage port to let you connect to an external drive and includes android 2.1 (I’ve read on some forums that there’s a Froyo 2.2 update for it, but after doing countless OTA system updates I still haven’t seen the 2.2 update). I’ve already returned the device, because it just wouldn’t be used at my house. The Nook Color and Dell Streak 7 do us just fine for now.

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